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The Secret of Corner Invasion DVD- Free Shipping to All Countries!

Would you like to be able to:

  • Invade and defend corners with complete confidence?
  • Choose the best line of play for the local and global position?
  • Instantly and decisively punish your opponent’s mistakes?
  • Learn practical corner-invasion joseki not found in books?
  • Develop your sense of shape, technique, and judgement?

Would you like to win more games through your mastery of corner technique? Then buy “The Secret of Corner Invasion” today! I strongly recommend them!

The Greatest Games Ever Played Episode 05-09 Suite

The Greatest Games Ever Played Episode 05-09 are on sale now.

5 well-chosen games with detailed commentary.
There are subtitles when I tell the back-story.
DVD quality videos.

You can download these videos directly or get them on a DVD disc.

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