The Secret of Corner Invasion 01-12

Posted in The Secret of Corner Invasion on Sep 03, 2011

01 Star-Keima Part 1

02 Star-Keima Part 2

03 Star-Ogeima Part 1

04 Star-Ogeima Part 2

05 Star-Ogeima Part 3

06 Star-Jump Part 1

07 Star-Jump Part 2

08 Komoku-Keima Part 1

09 Komoku-Keima Part 2

10 Komoku-Ogeima

11 Komoku-Jump

12 The Others

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Would you like to be able to:

  • Invade and defend corners with complete confidence?
  • Choose the best line of play for the local and global position?
  • Instantly and decisively punish your opponent’s mistakes?
  • Learn practical corner-invasion joseki not found in books?
  • Develop your sense of shape, technique, and judgement?

Would you like to win more games through your mastery of corner technique? Then buy “The Secret of Corner Invasion” today!

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4 Responses to “ The Secret of Corner Invasion 01-12 ”

  1. Gandalf Jesus says:

    omg dude. you know that picture of star in the part 1 is kinda religious? The bright star symbolizes of Jesus Chirst birth. Dont know that you make it specially or by mistake. Everything in that picture is correct with that what i said.


    countsheep Reply:

    I know it’s a religious picture. I have no particular intent. If I did something wrong, please tell me.


    PirateBushy Reply:

    You did not do anything wrong; I think Gandalf Jesus was just trying to point out that the picture you used has religious connotations. I doubt anyone is offended by the picture.


    countsheep Reply: