The Secret of Corner Invasion – Free Trial

The Secret of Corner Invasion DVD- Free Shipping to All Countries!

Would you like to be able to:

  • Invade and defend corners with complete confidence?
  • Choose the best line of play for the local and global position?
  • Instantly and decisively punish your opponent’s mistakes?
  • Learn practical corner-invasion joseki not found in books?
  • Develop your sense of shape, technique, and judgement?

Would you like to win more games through your mastery of corner technique? Then buy “The Secret of Corner Invasion” today!

The Secret of Corner Invasion:

  • 01 Star-Keima Part 1
  • 02 Star-Keima Part 2
  • 03 Star-Ogeima Part 1
  • 04 Star-Ogeima Part 2
  • 05 Star-Ogeima Part 3
  • 06 Star-Jump Part 1
  • 07 Star-Jump Part 2
  • 08 Komoku-Keima Part 1
  • 09 Komoku-Keima Part 2
  • 10 Komoku-Ogeima
  • 11 Komoku-Jump
  • 12 The Others

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    2 Responses to “ The Secret of Corner Invasion – Free Trial ”

    1. Cody says:

      The link to the komoku-keima video (The Secret of Corner Invasion – Free Trial Episode 8), is broken.

      On this webpage: http://www.gocommentary.com/the-secret-of-corner-invasion-free-trial.html if you click on the Episode 8 video, it will not load properly. You must add ” : ” to the web address after http in the link itself. This is just a typo error.

      Nice work !


    2. Guile says:

      Hello, I am so satisfied for having bought this corner workshop that i let this comment.

      I have never bought videos before (i read books most of the time). These videos are a really valuable investment for amateur players. It’s not easy to find content that match the 1-5 kyu level. Joseki books let you work the position – you sure learn from that but your weak positional judgement may be a problem -, and concrete material for keshi/invasion is hard to find (at least for me…).
      It’s the first time i work on a subject with the “amateur-corresponding” level that makes it so usefull. Not designed for total beginner with the lot of “obvious mistaking thing” that wastes the reading, but following concrete line of play with appropriate explanation for serious player.
      Thank you.