Game Review Service

The Game Review Service is currently not available. Please come back later.

The Game Review Service is not a regular service. I would shut it down when I am too busy, and open it when I have enough time.

Game Review Service (The Game of Go)

Send your game record (SGF file) to me. A commented game record will be sent back in a few days.

  • Pick your best game and send it to me, I will analyse for you in detail.
  • High quality. I am serious, and each game will take me aboutΒ 2 hours.
  • In the teaching games, teachers would use a lot of overplays and tricky plays, actually these will do no good for you. But in here, I will just tell you the proper moves, the right way to play.
  • Examples: http://www.gocommentary.com/category/game-review

Game reviews are the best way to improve – effective and affordable.

*If you are a 6d or higher, please contact me before purchase. The price is different.

Secure Payment via Paypal
Not available now
Privacy Guaranteed
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15 Responses to “ Game Review Service ”

  1. Jon says:

    I am so happy to see new services coming along, especially this review service.
    It’s so amazing to see people generous enough to do affordable and lengthy game commentary, especially personal reviews of games.

    Oh the joy it will be when I become strong enough to do things like this.. until then and even after, I will support you πŸ˜€

    (also, if you decided to write your own go book, partnering with a high professional or writing it solo, I’d die for a copy of that!) πŸ™‚


    countsheep Reply:

    πŸ˜€ Thanks very much.


  2. Janess says:

    Keep these articles coming as they’ve oenepd many new doors for me.


  3. Merik (kgs 11k) says:

    Are you considering opening a voice commentary teaching game service in the future i would be highly interested πŸ™‚


    countsheep Reply:

    I’m sorry, I am not planning to offer teaching game, because of the different time zone, and my poor internet speed, too lag to play on kgs.


  4. Jan Weimar says:

    Hello, could you please say who you are and possible note it on your site?


  5. Victor says:


    I have payed for the game review and send email 5 days ago.
    How do I know if you have received my email?
    I can wait but I just want to be sure I don’t wait in vain πŸ™‚

    Warm regards,


  6. Noam Taich says:

    Sorry – but the information on the site is confusing – when watching another video, top of page was:

    “Now we have Game Review Service.

    Just $4.95 per game time limited offer. >> Learn More…

    and when I press the “learn more” I see 14.95$.
    I assume it was a simple mistake and that the “1” got left out by mistake on the other pages where it appears, but just wanted to point this out πŸ™‚


    countsheep Reply:

    There was a promotion when the service started.
    Now it’s $14.95.


  7. Issa says:

    very nice might send one when have time.. I am not 6d but close to it hope it’s ok


    GodofGo Reply:

    lol Issa close to 6d πŸ˜›


  8. Imro says:

    Who are you though?


  9. vorpal says:

    I just got my first game review. It was wonderful! Thorough and extensive with valuable comments on both opening theory and fighting technique. Better options were illustrated and correct choices were validated. I’ll be coming back for more.

    vorpal KGS 1d


  10. rosenzweig says:

    Can you upload a game review for exemple ?



  11. Tristan says:

    When will the game review service be offered again?