The Secret of Corner Invasion 08 – Komoku-Keima Part 1

Posted in Free Videos, The Secret of Corner Invasion on Sep 02, 2011


The Secret of Corner Invasion DVD- Free Shipping to All Countries!

Would you like to be able to:

  • Invade and defend corners with complete confidence?
  • Choose the best line of play for the local and global position?
  • Instantly and decisively punish your opponent’s mistakes?
  • Learn practical corner-invasion joseki not found in books?
  • Develop your sense of shape, technique, and judgement?

Would you like to win more games through your mastery of corner technique? Then buy “The Secret of Corner Invasion” today!

The Secret of Corner Invasion:

  • 01 Star-Keima Part 1
  • 02 Star-Keima Part 2
  • 03 Star-Ogeima Part 1
  • 04 Star-Ogeima Part 2
  • 05 Star-Ogeima Part 3
  • 06 Star-Jump Part 1
  • 07 Star-Jump Part 2
  • 08 Komoku-Keima Part 1
  • 09 Komoku-Keima Part 2
  • 10 Komoku-Ogeima
  • 11 Komoku-Jump
  • 12 The Others

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    9 Responses to “ The Secret of Corner Invasion 08 – Komoku-Keima Part 1 ”

    1. Koen says:

      One of the things I love about go is the sequence of moves, and you point it out so beautifully why moves are good and sometimes necessary ­čÖé


    2. yob says:

      you have a girlie’s hand.
      and you should work on your accent to sell stuff in english…


      Nemo Reply:

      For me, your accent is one of the easiest to understand.
      Congratulations for your work, too bad I do not have enough money.


      scott Reply:

      hey yob listen i dont know if you have a hand fetish or something but if you payed more attention to what he’s saying and the stones on the board you might see an improvement in your game play. oh for future reference dont make fun of others if you yourself arent willing to step up to the chopping block. countsheep your doing wonderfull and you bring joy to a great deal of people including myself. so thankyou


      spencer Reply:

      Scott: everyone whose been around for awhile can easily judge the motivations of yob. To reply directly just gives him what he wants. Why feed trolls when you can play Go instead? I’ve said too much I suppose, so I’ll stop and go play a game — much more satisfying!


    3. Gene says:

      simply excellent. you are truly a gift to the western go community.


    4. crodgers says:

      Thank you for these videos! I will be purchasing your set to support your work!


    5. Dawid says:

      Great job! I love the music in the beginning. What is the title?


    6. Hao Sun says:

      at 22:05 the cutting stone can just be captured so shouldn’t white atari before jump?