The Secret of Corner Invasion 01 – Star-Keima Part 1

Posted in Free Videos, The Secret of Corner Invasion on Aug 12, 2011


The Secret of Corner Invasion DVD- Free Shipping to All Countries!

Would you like to be able to:

  • Invade and defend corners with complete confidence?
  • Choose the best line of play for the local and global position?
  • Instantly and decisively punish your opponent’s mistakes?
  • Learn practical corner-invasion joseki not found in books?
  • Develop your sense of shape, technique, and judgement?

Would you like to win more games through your mastery of corner technique? Then buy “The Secret of Corner Invasion” today!

The Secret of Corner Invasion:

  • 01 Star-Keima Part 1
  • 02 Star-Keima Part 2
  • 03 Star-Ogeima Part 1
  • 04 Star-Ogeima Part 2
  • 05 Star-Ogeima Part 3
  • 06 Star-Jump Part 1
  • 07 Star-Jump Part 2
  • 08 Komoku-Keima Part 1
  • 09 Komoku-Keima Part 2
  • 10 Komoku-Ogeima
  • 11 Komoku-Jump
  • 12 The Others

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    19 Responses to “ The Secret of Corner Invasion 01 – Star-Keima Part 1 ”

    1. Sky says:

      thanks for the new video. The amount of work you must put into these is very appreciated.


    2. igo says:

      both on firefox and chrome this video is not working.


      Mat Reply:

      I watch this using firefox


      Ernest Reply:

      I watch using Chrome, it works perfectly. Maybe you should try updating your adobe flash player?


    3. Shikarii says:

      This is really good.
      The opening reminds me of an 80’ies show


    4. Koen says:

      Great video, these situations arise a lot in actual games, especially helpful in handicap games.

      @ igo This works on firefox (5.0), must be your plugin that’s broke.


    5. Sky says:

      also works with chrome


    6. Sky says:

      Oh yeah… be sure to notify us when you have this series finished and on sale. I definitely want more ­čÖé


    7. Mark says:

      Great videos!!


    8. Rob Burdsal says:

      thanks so very very much for taking time to publish your commentary and “best move” problems. You have taught me quite a bit in a short time. I belong to a small Go Club in Virginia, USA and I write for all 8-of us. When we are together we almost always feel we are all of us weak in openings. Would you please publish a few commentaries on Joseki moves? For 12 – 16 kyu plavers like ourselves it is so difficult for us to understand what are the best openings to pursue without over reaching or over exgtending ourslelves. We see that occuring at least twice each hour when we meet.

      Again, thank you for your great efforts in teaching Go. It is certainly catching on here in America.



      countsheep Reply:

      OK, I will make some commentaries on joseki and opennings, but before that, I am planning to make a new video “how to play go” for the beginners. Thank you.


      spencer Reply:

      Since you have done a lot of teaching at a school it would be great if you would do an introduction to the game. Its been so long since I learned the the game that when I try to teach the elements I go too far and wind up drowning the poor beginner in details.

      Thank you again for your excellent videos!


      countsheep Reply:

      I am going to make it. Thanks.

    9. Francis says:

      Tried it today on KGS – my star corner invasion was a great success! Pity I lost the game on time… ­čśë


    10. Jonathan says:

      Extremely useful! Thank you for this great video. Have watched it twice. Still need to review quite a few more times to remember the sequences though ­čÖé
      Your efforts are much appreciated and greatly help the international go community.


    11. Henry says:

      Just purchased the lot and was really impressed, thank you! I think it would be really useful if you included an SGF file of the sequences for each episode, just to make finding a particular sequence again easier.
      Thank you!


    12. TheDude says:

      Oh my god, that music in the beginning, I love it!


    13. carl says:

      Minute 2:26:

      Wouldn’t it be much better for black to caputre twice? (Or get a cross if white blocks).


      countsheep Reply:

      W chose this way to play, w must have more ko threats than b.