The Greatest Games Ever Played 03: Luo Xihe vs Choi Cheolhan

Posted in Free Videos, The Greatest Games Ever Played on Aug 27, 2009

Game Record:

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Game Record - The Greatest Games Ever Played 03


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10 Responses to “ The Greatest Games Ever Played 03: Luo Xihe vs Choi Cheolhan ”

  1. Kyle Bishop says:

    Another wonderful commentary! I look forward to your next. You have an amazing grasp of the game and I learn so much from you every time. Thanks.


  2. Malignus says:

    This video is really great!


  3. nexik says:

    really greatest game ever played


  4. Jon says:

    Good work. That was a very exciting game, and I learned a lot.


  5. Imperator says:

    I have now seen all of your videos. They are really great. This game was brilliant! I am really looking forward to your next video.


  6. Thana says:

    Thank you for great videos.


  7. Harry says:

    wow what a game. my brain is melted.


  8. matt says:

    my mind has been blown….how these pros can understand these situations is just absolutely amazing. True geniuses.


  9. Patrick says:

    Luo Xihe didn’t choose to draw. He chose to win.

    TOO EPICCC. I want to be able to choose to win too.


  10. Hal9666 says:

    This is a very good game, but for a different reason than the game in the first episode. Watching this match makes me think that if I study very hard I may be able to reach this level of play in a decade or two. With Go Seigen it seems like even if I studied very hard for the rest of my life, which I plan to do anyway, I could never achieve his level of insight.