The Greatest Games Ever Played 02: Fujisawa Shuko vs Nie Weiping

Posted in Free Videos, The Greatest Games Ever Played on May 22, 2009

Game Record:

SGF Kifu Download

Game Record - The Greatest Games Ever Played 02


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10 Responses to “ The Greatest Games Ever Played 02: Fujisawa Shuko vs Nie Weiping ”

  1. TR says:

    These videos are so great!!


  2. rafael says:

    great video, keep making more.


  3. Djaighan says:

    Thanks for your efforts! It’s great to be able to see and get some insight on these games. Keep it up!


  4. mugatu says:

    Great video. You explain everything very good and one can truly enjoy the game at a greater level. Priceless!


  5. Lucas Carlson says:

    This is very very good, thank you so much for letting us watch this.


  6. kyle Warren says:

    thank you for the videos, I watched all of them so far.

    can you tell me the name of the song in the begging.

    thanks again


  7. Matt says:

    Your videos are amazing. They have truly opened my mind up to the Game of Go in ways I never knew existed. Thank you so much, keep making more! 🙂


  8. chen says:

    thank you so much! enjoyed it very much!


  9. bobstep says:

    Truly outstanding! I hope you keep up the good work. These games are very inspirational.


  10. Nik says:

    Great videos, but I would appreciate captions, I find it hard to understand english sometimes so this is especially hard for me. Anyways, thank you.