How to Punish Overplay 04

Posted in Free Videos, How to Punish Overplay on Jul 13, 2011

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4 Responses to “ How to Punish Overplay 04 ”

  1. Yuna says:

    This series is soo good! Please stick with it, I hate that there’s often several months between each episode :c


  2. elementc says:

    Hey countsheep, I was wondering what kind of stones you use in the videos? It’s too far away for me to be sure what kind they are. Also, how thick are they? They look very nice



    countsheep Reply:

    Actually i don’t know what is made of.
    A friend gave them to me. I think they are not expensive, less than $50 I suppose. But they are pretty nice, Japanese style, almost the same size, about 8mm thick. I like them:)


  3. Zar says:

    Thank you for the video series!

    Situations like these puzzle me. I’m amazed at how delicate some of these ‘punishments’ are ­čÖé