How to Punish Overplay 02

Posted in Free Videos, How to Punish Overplay on Sep 14, 2010

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10 Responses to “ How to Punish Overplay 02 ”

  1. Shepherd says:

    thanks for the video!
    i’m already waiting for the answer to the new question ­čÖé


  2. Deathwish says:

    yeah i already got the answer correct for both correctly but took me some time for new one dnt know why


  3. Max says:

    Another great video, thank you.


  4. Ally says:

    Thank you for making these great videos!


  5. guy says:

    aw i really want to see the sulution i see people make greedy moves like that all the time in corner


  6. Salavert says:

    Thanks for your video!


  7. =8)-DX says:

    Wonderful videos I’m just learning and it seems like I have to learn all the joseki to play well =( .. but it is great to see better players who know what they are doing, I’m getting an ever-better idea of good shapes, territory and weak points.


  8. 2dan says:

    Thanks for the videos!! they’ve been extremely helpful in helping me improve drastically ever since i stumbled upon them as a 5kyu. Your game reviews of famous games are very nice and detailed and it really helps to be able to get into the minds of the professionals as they play the moves they do!


  9. Jorge says:

    I am enjoying your “how to punish overplay” series a lot! Thanks!


  10. Michael says:

    Very useful series!