Go Commentary:Kong Jie 7p vs Lee Sedol 9p

Posted in Free Videos on Apr 12, 2009

This is my first video commentary. I had no experience when I was recording it.
I’m not satisfied with its quality, but some people still want to watch, so I just post it here.

Kifu Preview:

SGF Kifu Download

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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12 Responses to “ Go Commentary:Kong Jie 7p vs Lee Sedol 9p ”

  1. nef says:

    its hard to understand the difference between “its a good move” and “its a gote move” sometimes ) anyway i want to say Thank You for your work. This online lessons is what i seek – much better than read books. Please name yourself somewhere in this site (i see in one of videos, that you Chinese shodan, but didn’t remember the name)


  2. Narutard says:

    Yes it is 100 times better to see your interpretations then reading books. Keep up the good work.


  3. Matiou says:

    Thank you very much for all those videos. Your comments bring a lot of thinking!


  4. Philip says:

    Fantastic commentary and extremely instructive. I really hope you will continue to make these videos. They are a real source of inspiration. Thank you for your contribution to Go understanding in the West!


  5. Anonymous says:

    In part 3 (at 3:10), you say 3-8 is sente because the “black formation will be killed “in the corner. However, after 2-3, white extend, black 2-2, white can not hane at 2-1 because 4-3 cut works.

    White can make 2-1 work by playing at 7-3, black will live, white can cut and make territory at 8-3. But black did not die. It’s weird you didn’t mention this way in your commentary. Please note if I am missing something.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Forgot to mention in my previous post: It was just painful as a viewer that you based your analysis on the fact that the black stones would die, when in many cases of your examples black could ignore white’s “sente” and protect his other stones, retaining good shape, and then living with the group in the corner. At least, taking this into consideration opens new ways to analyse the situation for black in that position. I would’ve been interested to know if there was a chance to consider a bit extreme way like that as well ^^

    P.S. Your videos are awesome, keep up the good work!


    Noam Taich Reply:

    Just as a contrasting view, I’d have to say I think that going into each and every one of the cases mentioned by the previous poster would make the videos very cumbersome, long, and unfocused, as it’s not possible to go over every extremely dangerous option. So given the choice, I believe that learning the proper moves is far better than learning how to complicate matters.
    (much better to not leave an important cut than to be able to fight like hell after leaving it. the former results in a much higher level of play).

    Of course, in order for the review to be clear, I have to add to the previous poster and say that in cases where moves are “sente”, it’s much better to be clear on whether the opponent would die or just be badly hurt if he doesn’t reply.

    That way, your intent will be clear to the viewers, and if they wish, then could analyze the situation themselves, and get extra benefit from the video


  7. Anttoni says:

    I cant watch the videos. When I try to, it says “this video is personal” or something like that.


  8. sixko says:

    Having the same trouble with watching the videos that Anttoni mentioned :/


  9. hasen says:

    the videos are private?


  10. woo says:

    At the part4’s 2:00, one black stone ( o,2) should be removed.


  11. Bobbie says:

    Woot, I will creaintly put this to good use!