Buy monthly videos individually

You can buy the monthly video individually. $3 for each video. (What is monthly video?)

How to buy:

1. Input the video numbers in the text box. You can see the video list here: http://www.gocommentary.com/category/monthly-videos
E.g., input “05, 06” to buy 21 Century Go 05 and 06. Input “05-08, 11” to buy 05, 06, 07, 08, 11. Just make it readable.

2. Click the “Buy Now” button, modify the quantity and update the price. It depends on how many videos you’ve selected.
E.g., if you want to buy 05 and 06, two videos are selected so the quantity should be “2”.

3. You will receive an email with the password a few hours after the purchase.


Input the video numbers:

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