Go instruments in Ming Dynasty (about 1380 A.D.)

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I found some ancient Go instruments in museum. The owner was Zhu Tan(Mar 15, 1370-Jan 2, 1390, Ming Dynasty), the king of Lu.

Black stones.

black stones


White stones.

white stones


The patterns on the Go bowls. The top view and the side view.

patterns on the Go bowls


The Go board.

Go board


The Terracotta Army, also owned by Zhu Tan, the king of Lu. They are much smaller than the Emperor Qin’s.

Terracotta Army


Terracotta Army


Something else in the museum. Anyone like Chinese calligraphy?

“The land is so rich in beauty”, wrote by calligrapher Shu Tong. I like this one so much. The phrase was from Mao Zedong’s poem.

Chinese calligraphy


A Chinese painting. In Chinese history, Guqin(a seven-stringed plucked instrument), Weiqi(Go), Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting are the Four Arts. We consider the spirit of them are quite the same. The nobleman and scholar must master all of them.

Chinese painting


I was here, Shandong provincial museum.

position of Shandong provincial museum

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  1. spencer.dour says:

    Wow! Very nice. Thank you.


  2. Anatoly says:

    Thanks! Very interesting.

    But, how does it happen that several white groups (in the bottom) have no dame and still remain on the board?