Game Review: siaowie 1d vs McTeagle 1k (#1002)

Posted in All About Go, Game Review on Aug 24, 2012

Game Information:

Players: Whitesiaowie 1d vs BlackMcTeagle 1k
Komi: 0.5
Handicap: 0
Result: W+16.50

The Original Game:

[sgfPrepared id=”0″]

SGF Kifu Download

The Review:

[sgfPrepared id=”1″]

SGF Kifu Download

PDF Kifu Download

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4 Responses to “ Game Review: siaowie 1d vs McTeagle 1k (#1002) ”

  1. countsheep says:

    I changed the goban program on the website (from GoSWF to Eidogo).
    The new program is clearer to view branches, and it can be seen on iOS devices.
    Do you think it’s better than the old one?
    If you forgot what the old one is, see it here: http://www.gocommentary.com/free-videos/10-minute-go-13.html


  2. Josiah says:

    This Eidogo looks good and the review is informative… I’m very excited to watch another video review! It adds a nice human element to the review to hear a voice, also I enjoy the sound and the movement of the live stones.


  3. Tesuckji says:

    i like the old, because i just need to download it and then us the kgs client to view it,So doesn’t change much.
    the old one looks better too. but maybe some people like being able to see it on the site before downloading


  4. Dierdre Namauu says:

    Do these instructions work anywhere? I have a website already and I want to process credit cards online. How much of this will apply to me?