21 Century Go 20: Shi Yue 5P vs Won Seongjin 7P (17th LG Cup Final)

Posted in 21 Century Go, Monthly Videos on May 20, 2013

21 Century Go 20: White Shi Yue 5P vs Black Won Seongjin 7P
02-20-2013, 17th LG Cup Final
Learn from Shi Yue, the new world champion.

Shi Yue vs Won Seongjin, 17th LG Cup Final


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2 Responses to “ 21 Century Go 20: Shi Yue 5P vs Won Seongjin 7P (17th LG Cup Final) ”

  1. david1liu says:

    Hi! I enjoy your videos very much. There is always something to learn from them.

    I have a question regarding this game. After move 82, if black captures the three stones with A7 white will play D12 to save his cutting stone. In the commentary, you explained that after black extends are E11 and While connects with D11, Black’s center becomes thin. Instead of Black extending at E11, can black wedge instead?
    I realize that there is a ladder after Bd11 We11 Bc11 Wf12. Can black resist this ladder by playing the ladder breaker at H15 before wedging?
    It seems that if white ignores H15, black’s two stones at E12/E13 get captured and white will have to live at the top.


  2. st says:

    At 28:03, W doesn’t seem to connect in gote (it’s atari). Wouldn’t this be better for W than the actual game?