21 Century Go 04: Choi Cheol-han vs Gu Li (China Weiqi League A)

Posted in 21 Century Go, Monthly Videos on Oct 11, 2012

21 Century Go 04: White Choi Cheol-han 9P vs Black Gu Li 9P
08-30-2012, China Weiqi League A
Best game in recent years. No small talk, 45 minutes comment on the fighting!


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5 Responses to “ 21 Century Go 04: Choi Cheol-han vs Gu Li (China Weiqi League A) ”

  1. Johnny says:

    From looking at the posted kifu it looks like you forgot to remove the move at H7.

    Thanks! I love watching your videos.


  2. UsF says:

    How does the wedge at 24:05 kill white, if the one eyed black group only has 3 liberties? I am confused by this, probably missing something. 🙁


    florian.erhardt Reply:

    You are totally right – black can’t kill white.
    It is a mistake.


    Alex Reply:

    It’s not a mistake.
    White has no eye. if White play E8, Black F10, White can’t reduce Black’s liberties. If White E9 Black F11, it’s still an eye vs no-eye.


    UsF Reply:

    But what about white D12 after the E8 F10 exchange? Doesn’t that end in Ko for an eye for seki/kill, should black play F12 or otherwise simply 1 more liberties for white?
    I found the game online here http://www.go4go.net/go/games/sgfview/30017 move 99.

    Then again, now that I look at it, I wonder if K7 really is sente for black. White can play E8 and black has trouble killing white before he dies.

    I am probably totally blind and missing something. :/