21 Century Go 03: Gu Li vs Kim Ji Seok (15th Samsung Cup)

Posted in 21 Century Go, Free Videos on Dec 21, 2011

Game Record:

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Game Record - 21 Century Go 03 - Gu Li 9p vs Kim Ji Seok 7p

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14 Responses to “ 21 Century Go 03: Gu Li vs Kim Ji Seok (15th Samsung Cup) ”

  1. elementc says:

    Gu Li is my favorite player. I’m glad to finally see one of his games here.


  2. =8)-DX says:

    Very interesting, can’t wait for the video as my go knowledge is only good enough to make my brain overheat looking at these good players.


  3. Nicolás says:

    An excellent choice, as usual. Numerous stylish and brilliant moves. This game has a unique character which will certainly reward deep study.


  4. Excalibor says:

    Very cool game and a very nice new year gift! Thanks a lot, you made quite easy to follow a very complex game! Happy new year and lots of weiqi successes ^^


  5. Inkwolf says:

    After watching this, I made the computer resign twice in a row. (Yesterday I lost three games by 60 points each.) Thanks for posting this, you got my game back on track. ^^


  6. Moin9 says:

    yeah a new video^^
    finally. thanks for the work 😉
    Now i have to watch this.


  7. MichaelB says:

    Thank you Mr. Go Commentary!

    Your commentary of this game was both educational, and dramatic. Good choice of game. Your hard work is a source of happiness for me.


  8. romaroma says:

    Thank you!
    There is a scene of Go game from some movie at the beginning. please, tell us what movie is it?


    Jonathan Reply:

    If it is an American film, probably A Beautiful Mind. But it actually appears in quite a lot of films.


    spencer Reply:

    Jonathan and romaroma: I’m fairly certain the movie clip is from “Wu Qingyuan” (Go Seigen) 2006 otherwise known as “ The Go Master.”

    I can’t see any real advantage to Countsheep publishing his private particulars on the web and its easy to imagine many disadvantages. His creations speak well enough by themselves. Why would he want to be entangled with tons of trolls, cranks and advertisers?

    Countsheep: By the time of move 73, a certain familiar sensation of desperation has come over me. I’m feeling sorry for Kim Ji Seok by that time. Still I don’t suppose he is the only one whose ever been crushed by Gu Li. But, in any case, I hope you keep making videos and have fun with them. I like the introductions too.


  9. Jonathan says:

    I love the new video! Thank you so much for all of the time you put into them.

    Couple of quick suggestions for the website: I know privacy may be an issue, but I’d love to see an “About” section on your website. I’d love to see your face for once and know how you got into the game! You seem like an amazing gentleman.

    Also, I’d love to see some links about where to go and buy Go equipment, or some sort of equipment section. It is really hard to come by here in the states.

    Thanks again for all of your work!


  10. Azraelean says:

    Thanks for posting the kifu. It’s hard to find them.


  11. Lawrence Gunnell says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂


  12. Hao Sun says:

    AT 31:54 what if white just connect at 8-5 point? and allow the corner to be separated from the side group

    Also at 32:25 what about connecting at 8-5 instead of blocking?

    And at 76 by how much is white ahead? because the top side is not territory yet I don’t see that many points

    |At move 158 you said black is so behind it looks rather even by my count can you elaborate? I think we can say blacks left corner plus captures is about whites right side the two bottom as well as the two left sides cancel blacks right corner is about whites center and then blacks top is not much so I don’t see how black is so far behind