10 Minute Go 11

Posted in 10 Minute Go, Free Videos on Sep 18, 2011

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8 Responses to “ 10 Minute Go 11 ”

  1. Kemist says:

    Exellent video! I learn so much in just a 15 min. Thanks!


  2. Flandre says:

    Wow, so nice lesson about modern joseki and fuseki. Awesome!


  3. Stefan says:

    very nice video. when you make tewari in the fuseki-stage suddenly it all seems so easy. thanks for the great insight.


  4. bobsmith says:

    at 5:31 is the attach (before 5:31) played commonly? the result is a normal joseki why is it bad?

    also at 5:57 is extending better than connecting? (to prevent white from descending in sente)

    at 9:38 what if black slides into the corner with a kiema or invades 3-3 instead of making the two space extension directly?

    10:37 why is an exactly equal result bad for black? as it is blacks move shouldn’t this be natural?


    Noam Taich Reply:

    You can play joseki in all four corners to perfection and be close to lost… josekis are just common options to play in local contexts. You still have to choose the correct ones for the situation. When he says it’s bad he means in this specific fuseki, in this side position – black had control of both corners of that side, and white got an equal result when he came in – so getting an equal result as an underdog in an area is of course good.

    Of course black can’t get a great result there, it’s not like he’s lost after this sequence, just that the game is already good for white.

    Hope this clarifies some things (I’ll let the author answer your other questions lest this be too long).


  5. Moin9 says:

    nice video.I really appreciate that you showed us this new ways!
    This is really useful. I tried it!
    Please continue..


  6. Hao Sun says:

    at 3:01 it seems the atari is better? because it can seal in?

    In general at 9:07 if white approaches high directly how should black respond?

    At 13:17 why is the stones position not good? Black seems to be able to develop a large top while attacking whites stones


  7. Hao Sun says:

    about your discussion about the chinese fuseki have you looked at http://gogameguru.com/go-commentary-shi-yue-vs-lee-sedol-17th-lg-cup/ when black has the opportunity to get a double wing formation but refuses?