10 Minute Go 06

Posted in 10 Minute Go, Free Videos on May 31, 2010

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10 Responses to “ 10 Minute Go 06 ”

  1. kokomi says:

    Hey, i’m the first one to comment 🙂


    BERTRAND12 Reply:

    this is soo useful was 4k became 3d tnx to it


  2. Pete Henninger says:


    Thank you so much for the new 10 Minute Go 06!

    I really enjoy your lessons and knowledge about the wonderful game of Go. The lessons are very well thought out, the variations insightful, and your English is excellent!

    Many thanks,

    Katy, Texas


  3. Koen Schippers says:

    Good to hear your camera works again, great demonstration as always. I hope to see more good video’s in the future 🙂


  4. Thana says:

    Thank you 🙂


  5. Helge says:

    Ahh a new video ^^
    thank Go i was starving of your go videos 🙂
    (i really need them!!)

    Keep going with your work


  6. Chrisael says:

    Yeah, new Video!
    Thanks a much!^^


  7. Arlenr(kgs 4k) says:

    this is very helpful; when i play games now i think about whole board situations and how my moves will be affected later on


  8. pg says:

    Your series is so helpful! I’ve a much better grasp on the thinking process thanks to these videos. Thank you so very much!


  9. BERTRAND12 says:

    am 3d and used to be 4k this is soo usefule!!!!!